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The LF Ranch office "The Office" Mother Cow with calves. Cattle Tree across the road. Driveway Challenges

Would you like to make a reservation?

Please contact us by email till we can accept online reservations and payments. Advance notice is good, this is a working ranch, we may be closed to drop in visitors. Please write your phone number and name on your package if you mail yourself a resupply box to the LF Ranch. We are going to start locking up the boxes to prevent theft and I will need to text you the combination.


(928) 970-3543

The fee rates for our facilities...

   For $20 you can rent a bed in the bunkhouse. This gives you acess to a bathroom with hot water! Arizona Trail hikers like this, a bed off the ground and a nice HOT running water wash. Meals are $15 additional and only available by at least 2 weeks prior arrangement. 

  Picket Lines are available to use for folks with equines. $15 per equine gets your ride a flake of Pratt Farms hay morning and evening.

   For $15 you can pitch a tent in the field, and use a communal fire pit and share the bunkhouse bathroom. If you have equines you can be near them, as the picket lines are located around the edges of the field 

   For $50 you can arrange for a resupply trip to town. This would be a ride in an elderly Chevy Truck to the Payson area shopping facility of your choice. We would also make a stop by the Post Office so that I can check my mail. This is a 4 hour minimum round trip as the road is terrible to the wilderness gate.              

  You can mail your resupply boxes addressed to yourself, in care of LF Ranch, P.O. Box 796, Payson, AZ. 85547. I will text you when recieved, so please write a contact number on your package. I also appreciate knowing your estimated date of arrival. Boxes not picked up will only be stored for 45 days, contact me if you need me to keep it longer than that. If you want it returned there is a $25 handling fee. Please do not make me sign for your package, often I am in town before or after business hours, I may not be able to pick up your box. On my next trip to town I will bring your package out to the ranch and keep it here for you till you get here. This service is free, the packages are in the lockbox outside the bunkhouse in case you arrive at the ranch and we are out working. Again, please write a contact number on your box for the texted combination to the lock! Send packages well ahead of time as I only make it to town 3 times a month at the most, and the Post Office doesn't deliver out here.

Please be safe and have fun on the trail.